e-commerce Development

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e-commerce Development

Ecommerce Website Development Process

Expro Lab being the leading ecommerce development company follows the stated ecommerce website development process to provide the best results to their clients.

It happens to be slated as the ultimate stage where we help you with the most flawless Information Procurement as well as the identification of services as well as product ranges.

1. Product/Services Identification & Information Procurement

This is the initial phase where complete information about the client’s business is gathered like service or product type, targeting audience, requirements, functionalities, design, etc. This is one of the most important ecommerce website development processes and is carried out carefully.

2. Choosing the right ecommerce development platform

After the fulfillment and procurement of all the necessary information in phase 1, the planning is started. In this phase, the appropriate ecommerce development platform is selected. This includes the database, development platform, CMS, appropriate web hosting platform are confirmed according to the planning and budget.

3. Ecommerce Website Design & Development

In this phase, the design team starts designing high-quality yet responsive pages for the website. The design is then tested for errors/vulnerabilities and is fixed if found. The design is then sent to the client for confirmation and feedback. The design is then modified accordingly and then the development is started.

4. Ecommerce Website Testing & Launch

After the website design and development are finalized, the website is then thoroughly checked for perfection. Then the basic SEO setup like Meta title, Meta description, Google Analytics, sitemap & robots.txt are created and properly set up, and finally sent to the client for final inspection and approval. After getting approval, the website is then launched publicly.

5. Maintenance & Support

Now after the website is up and running, our team maintains the website by keeping it up to date and also changes images, content, and other minor changes. This service comes within our AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract.

Augment and enhance your business with the expertise of our skillful, dedicated, highly motivated, as well as creative and innovative designers and developers.

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