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Expro Lab is providing continuously the best possible and complete web design and development services.

e-commerce Development

Entrust the Leading E-commerce Website Developer in Kolkata with Your Business Needs

We at Expro Lab have grown into becoming the most trusted e-commerce website development company in Kolkata. We are highly dedicated to creating custom and user-friendly e-commerce websites that elevate your brand and amplify your sales.

Our Step-by-step Process of Creating a Powerful E-commerce Website

We don’t do things out of the blue, but follow a definite process to enable streamlined operations and efficient outcomes.

1. Product/Services Identification & Information Procurement

We start by assimilating necessary details about the client’s business, including the type of product or service, target audience, expected functionalities, and design preferences. This helps us set a clear stage for ideating and actualising a seamlessly performing eCommerce website.

2. Selecting the Right E-commerce Development Platform

Once we gather and analyse all the relevant information, we proceed to select the most appropriate e-commerce development platform.  We do so by considering several factors, such as database, development platform, CMS, web hosting platform, and evaluate how things best align with the project’s requirements and the client’s budget

3. Ecommerce Website Design & Development

During this stage, the design team starts designing high-quality yet responsive pages for the website. The design is then tested for errors and is fixed if found. Thereafter, it is sent to the client for approval and feedback. Once we execute the client’s suggestion, we kickstart the development process.

4. Ecommerce Website Testing & Launch

Here, we rigorously evaluate the newly developed website to check for bugs and potential inefficiencies. We also set up essential SEO elements such as meta titles, meta descriptions, Google Analytics, and sitemaps. After receiving the client’s final approval and addressing any concerns, we proceed to finally launch the website.

5. Maintenance & Support

Following the website’s successful launch, our dedicated team continues to maintain and update it as needed. This includes making alterations to images, content, and other minor changes to keep the site updated and engaging.

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