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Expro Lab is providing continuously the best possible and complete web design and development services.

SEO Services

 At Expro Lab, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional SEO results that drive organic traffic, enhance online visibility, and boost conversions. 

Search Engine Optimization Process

No one claims that much-desired spot on the SERPs with a few loosely put efforts. Getting there requires chalking out a solid SEO strategy and a clearly outlined process.

1. Information Procurement & Research

We perform in-depth research on the website’s target location, demographics, and your products and services.  We begin with exhaustive keyword research and competitive analysis. We also study the client’s website against its biggest competitors in both online and offline domains with the help of  multiple SEO metrics, including inbound links, indexed content, Alexa rating, domain age, and social media engagement among other factors.  This enables us to identify the client’s level of online presence and identify areas that have the potential scope of work. 

2. Setting Up Goals & Strategy

Once we gain a crystal clear view of the site’s standing in the search engine, it’s time to set up goals and draw an extensive SEO plan. These goals are measurable and are linked to the specific business objectives of the site.  We also continuously monitor the progress in the execution of such a strategy, and make the necessary alterations as and when required.

3. Content Generation & On Page Work

According to the results obtained from the website audit, we make changes if required that were identified to meet SEO standards. Our SEO content writers then start generating high-quality content based on the keywords following SEO parameters like content flow, keyword usage, internal linking & external linking, CTA’s, infographics, etc. The content is later proofread by our Content Head and then Meta Title, description, heading tags, Alt Tags, page speed, mobile-friendly & rich results test are completed along with other On-Page SEO facets like robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are checked.

4. Focus on the Technical Aspects

In this stage, we focus on link building. It helps enhance a website’s visibility, credibility, and authority, leading to better search engine rankings. Each new and high-quality link to your site significantly improves the chances of search engines’ spiders and  prospects stumbling upon your site. So we help you get effective backlinks from credible and well-known websites in your niche by using proven strategies like guest blogging, the Skyscraper technique, broken link building, collaborations with other businesses, and social media promotions, among others.

5. Regular Reporting

SEO is not a one-shot thing. It requires constant follow-up and monitoring to track how effectively the strategies are working out. Our SEO company in Kolkata is, therefore, always on its toes to keep a check on different metrics, such as rankings, site traffic levels, user engagement, and bounce rates while comparing the same with the website’s performance prior to optimization. We also tweak our SEO plans as per the observations.

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