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Expro Lab is providing continuously the best possible and complete web design and development services.

Software Development

Expro Lab makes it a point to orchestrate a classy Software Development Process. We are capable of developing custom made software solutions.

Software Development Process

Expro Lab being a complete IT Solution provider in Kolkata, we are also known to deliver custom-built software for both local and offshore clients. Hence for better understanding, we follow a proven 7 Phases of SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle which is mentioned below:

1. Research & Information Gathering

This is the initial phase of the software development process or our proven 7 phases SDLC. For the best results, we gather complete information from the client and understand their requirements to provide the best solution. Upon receiving all the information, we start researching and planning all the upcoming phases in the software development process.

2. Planning & Execution

After scraping all the necessary information about the software and understanding the goals and purposes, our team then starts planning all the upcoming phases and dividing the complete task into small modules, and put deadlines for the same. This phase acts as a backbone of the whole software development lifecycle.

3. Prototype Designing

In this phase, we start by designing a prototype of the actual software with the recently acquired details. We will be creating simple wireframes that will give a pictorial representation of how the actual software will work along with its features, its overall design, and other functionalities.

4. Software Development

As the name suggests, this phase is where the development is started and is where the software comes to life. All the functionalities, integrations, and other basic development-related tasks are completed in this phase. This phase is the most time-consuming and the most critical phase in the whole SDLC and the hardest in the whole software development process.

5. Testing

This phase is initiated once the development process is completed and is perhaps one of the most important phases just like the development stage. This is mainly because; all the bugs and errors are tested with different testing approaches. Here the complete software is tested thoroughly and then sent to the client for feedback.

6. Software Launch/Deployment

After the software is completely ready from designing, development, testing, and feedback point of view, it is now time to launch or deploy the software and checked whether it is solving the purpose for which it was developed in the first place.

7. Post Deployment Maintenance & Updates

This is the final stage of the software development life cycle where our team takes continuous feedbacks and performs scheduled inspections on all the functionalities and features of the software and also provides monthly maintenance and updates.

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