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Exact Step-by-step Google Map Citations Tutorial in 2023

Google map citation tutorial

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Establishing yourself as a business in the industry entails developing a strong, unshakeable presence in the local space, both virtual and real. In simple words, your prospective customers looking around for products and services like yours should be able to instantly discover you. While local SEO, on the whole, plays a quintessential role in boosting your Google My Business (GMB) rankings, and search engine at large, it is important to lay individual emphasis on creating on-point Google Map Citation. It is the key to getting a step closer to your customers on a root level.

In this blog, we shall understand what Google Map Citations are, the importance of KML Circle, and how to effectively use the Marker tool to improve your business’s online presence.

What are Google Maps Citations?

Simply put, Google Map citations are just a mention of your business’s fundamental details like name, address, and phone number (NAP) on other websites, online directories, and social media profiles. These citations enable Google to understand and authenticate the location and basic information about your business, which may significantly improve your visibility on Google Maps and enhance your local search rankings. 

When your NAP information turns out to be accurate and consistent across multiple platforms, you establish a sense of trust with Google, leading to higher rankings in search engine results and Google Maps listings.

Significance of KML Circle

Before delving into the importance of the KML circle, let us first try to briefly understand what exactly is KML. 

Keyhole Markup Language or KML is an XML-based file format used for creating, displaying, and sharing geographic information on Earth browsers such as Google Earth and Google Maps. KML Circles, which are an important element of KML, indicate a geographic area or radius around a specific point, like your business location.

It gives you a sharp competitive edge over your competitors by highlighting your business’s area of influence, making it appear more prominent and visible to potential clients who search for your products or services in that region.  Hence, it plays a vital role in increasing your chances of attracting local customers.

How to Use a Marker: A Google Map Citation Tutorial

Markers play a crucial role in creating Google Map Citations as they display business-specific spots on the map.  Here’s an easy Google Map Citation tutorial to help you through!

Google map citation
  • Visit
  • Sign in to your Google account, or sign up if you don’t have a Google account already.
  • Create a new map by clicking on the ‘Create a New Map’ button at the top left of your screen. Alternatively, you can click on the menu, and click on the ‘Create a New Map’ button directly.
  • Add a proper title to your map in the ‘Untitled Map’ window. It could be the name of your business. Now click ‘Save.’
  • Next, find your business location. You can use the search bar or simply zoom into the location your business is based.
  • Once found, click ‘Add to Map’.
  • Next, click on the marker icon in the toolbar above, representing your business location.
  • Next, drop the placemark at the desired location and name the destination. 
  • Customize the marker by clicking on the paint bucket icon beside the pen icon. Choose a colour and icon that best represents your business
  • Add a small description of your organization in the description section.  Consider adding relevant information such as your business name, address, and contact details. You may also Include links to your website, social media profiles, and other online platforms where your NAP information is visible. As another option,  you can add instructions for the visitor, such as what they should do next after reaching the location.
  • Click on the camera icon to add images of your company and the street view, if possible. 
  •  Once you select the image, click open and the image will get instantly attached to your description. Click save.
  • Now, find your business location. You can use the search bar or simply zoom into the location your business is based.
  • Finally, share your map by clicking the ‘Share’ button. 
  • You can also adjust the settings to ‘Public on the Web’ and copy the generated link to share on various platforms, including directories, social media profiles, and websites.

Google Map Citation Tutorial: Wrapping Up 

Google map seo

We hope this comprehensive guide to Google Map Citations helps!

Leveraging Google Map Citations is a proven strategy to improve local SEO and reach potential customers in your targeted area. In addition to enhancing your online visibility, it lets you establish a strong foundation of trust with Google, resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased chances of attracting new clients. 

However, if you are finding it tricky and complex to mark your business on Google Maps, you probably need professional assistance. Entrust us with your Local SEO needs and we shall take care of everything, from accurate GMB listing to the much-awaited spot on the map, and everything in between. 

We at Expro Lab are a multi-service IT and digital marketing agency. We have been helping businesses achieve their desired goals for more than a decade now and can bring the same transformation your way. Our local SEO experts in Kolkata are well-versed in the ebbs and flows of the industry and utilise their experiences in the best possible manner to assist our valuable clients.

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