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ChatGPT is rapidly changing the field of SEO in 2023

Chatgpt SEO 2023

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Ever since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has created a hullabaloo in the progressively unfolding field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ChatGPT surpassed 1 million users in mere five days of launch and gained a whopping 100 million active users in the first three months!

Pioneered by OpenAI, the model offers an impressive range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and AI chatbots that can create compelling and top-quality content targeted towards improving search engine rankings. 

In this article, we shall attempt to comprehensively understand how ChatGPT is transforming SEO.

Four Impeccable Ways You Can Master SEO Using ChatGPT 

Lately, businesses are considering ChatGPT for enhancing their online presence with some apparently reliable SEO solutions given by the chatbot. Here are a few most prominent ways in which the AI tool is creating an impact in the SEO industry.

1. Qualitative, Informative, and Diverse Content 

High-quality, voluminous, and easily consumable content is the crux of a remarkable and effective SEO plan. While producing such high-level content has been a tedious process all the way long, ChatGPT now gives multiple reasons to heave a sigh of relief.

It creates content that’s rich in information and is engaging and grammatically on-point – everything with the speed of light. Besides, it requires minimal investment, allowing a wide base of SEO fanatics to leverage its advantages.

Doing SEO using ChatGPT also helps with the creation of different types of content, which is an asset for your website. Because the more versatile your content is, the greater your chances of becoming authoritative in your domain. Additionally, it assists with creating platform-specific content, such as marketing emails, social media content, meta content, and much more.

The content is also devoid of spam, improving overall website quality, which is great news for businesses.

An article published on BBC Science Focus suggests that the language-based AI model was trained on a dataset of 300 billion words, which was 570 GB in size. The research also indicates that the data was corroborated by multiple sources, including books, Wikipedia, research papers, web texts, and other forms of content on the internet.

2. Prompt and Mostly Accurate Responses

While typical search engines require users to type in queries and shift through a dozen search results to pick the best one, ChatGPT provides a direct, assorted, and holistic response to your query. It cuts down the need for browsing through multiple websites, thus outperforming traditional search engine algorithms such as Google. 

Its advanced comprehension skills of ChatGPT allow SEO professionals to optimise their websites for addressing user queries, increase search engine rankings, and deliver better user experiences.

However, the responses have been seldom found to be erroneous, thus putting the reliability of the AI-generated content under the scanner.

3. Quicker Keyword Research

Doing SEO using ChatGPT also curbs the need to tap open different keyword research tools, look through the microscopic rows to jot down the search volume, compare, and analyse.  With this tool, the users simply need to type in a few target keywords in the input box and ask for related ones. It will crank out a list of keywords based on its understanding of search results. 

While this feature helps with considerably fine responses and all the time-saving, you cannot truly rely on it for improved search rankings. This is because, unlike traditional SEO tools, it lacks access to real-time keywords, the ones that are creating waves in the sea of SERPs in a true sense.

Besides, the content produced by the tool might also originally have a slew of keywords without your knowledge, resulting in keyword stuffing.

4. Enhanced User Experience

ChatGPT is also known for improving the user experience on a website in multiple ways. It analyses user behaviour and suggests changes to a website’s layout, design, and navigation, thus helping to make it user-friendly. This enhanced user experience can lead to increased engagement, longer session times, and ultimately, higher rankings in search engine results. 

When doing SEO using ChatGPT, such tailor-made experiences lead to prolonged user engagement, improved click-through rates (CTR), and reduced bounce rates – all contributing to higher search engine rankings and better brand visibility.

The Flip Side of Doing SEO Using ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is a game-changing tool for AI generating content, it may not always align with your SEO strategy. It is essential to recognise that AI-generated content may lack the depth, detailing, and perspective that is unique to human-written content.  

In the longer run, relying solely on AI-generated content could lead to the devaluation of your website in search engine rankings and fail to meet the expectations of your users.

Doing SEO using ChatGPT may also necessitate your team’s attention to the scrupulous evaluation of the content. Since AI-generated content may have inaccuracies in logic and reasoning, you must thoroughly proofread and examine it. Your content may also end up looking redundant and irrelevant, potentially affecting your SEO strategy and overall website performance.

Remember, overlooking these fallacies while doing SEO using ChatGPT could adversely affect your site’s credibility while making it far more difficult to regain the trust of your target audience. 

Expro Lab: The Ultimate Solution for All of Your SEO Goals

By far, we’ve successfully established that even though doing SEO using ChatGPT has some exceptional advantages over humans, especially in terms of speed, humans still have an upper hand in terms of authenticity, quality, and domain expertise. And when you’re assisted by not one, but a pool of such expert professionals with Expro Lab, you are bound to lead the search engine race. 

Expro Lab is an Industry-leading SEO service agency in Kolkata equipped with a team of bright professionals and an unmatched experience of more than a decade. We provide you with all-inclusive SEO services at reasonable pricing. Our dedicated SEO expert will further ease the process for you by devoting complete attention to your SEO objectives and executing foolproof SEO strategies.

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