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Common PPC Mistakes That Are Making Your Campaigns Ineffective

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Did you know that 65% of consumers click on PPC ads? 

Well, running a strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can play a colossal role in helping you drive targeted traffic to your website. However, even experienced marketers can make a few common mistakes that can turn their campaigns into sheer loss-making deals. 

In this blog, we shall take you through some of the common PPC campaign blunders so you can always keep them at bay.

Things You Should NOT DO if You Want a Successful PPC Campaign 

Go over the following states and make sure toward them when you run your next PPC campingn.

1. Keyword-related Blunders

  • Ineffective Keyword Research

PPC campaigns depend heavily on keywords. Not investing time in detailed keyword research means you could be targeting the wrong audience or missing out on potential customers. Use keyword research tools to find out what terms your potential customers are searching for, and incorporate these keywords into your campaign.

  • Not Using Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the type of keywords that prevent your ad from being triggered by a particular phrase or word. In the context of a PPC campaign, these keywords prevent your PPC ads from showing up for irrelevant searches, thus saving your money on clicks that don’t convert. 

So, avoid skipping the usage of negative keywords. You may begin by identifying what search queries are triggering your ads.

2. Technical Faults

Committing technical errors, such as faulty ad targeting or improper keyword bidding can also put your results at stake and keep your money put. So make it a point to check all the settings to ensure your ads reach appropriate audiences. 

For instance, you don’t want to be a local bakery owner in Kolkata who unwittingly bids on ‘bakery’ keywords aimed at audiences in Gujrat

3. Creating Subpar Ad Copies 

ads copy mistakes

A significant part of your PPC campaign success is dependent on your ad copy. It helps you pull targeted leads, provided that it is both concise and compelling. 

However, businesses often tend to underestimate the potential of a smart ad copy, and hence do not invest enough time and money in drafting one. This results in low click-through rates (CTR). 

You must, therefore, make sure to build a crisp and creative copy with the help of powerful words and strong call-to-actions, to improve your CTR.

4. Neglecting Your Landing Page 

When your visitors click through your PPC ad, they will reach your landing page. Needless to mention, the landing has to be on-point if you want them to qualify through the stages of the funnel, and convert. 

However, quite a few campaigns fall flat because of poor landing pages. Marketers often end up sending their visitors to a generic page or one that does not match their search intent. This not only inflates the bounce rate but also wastes your hard-earned money. Hence, make sure your landing pages align with your ad content and offer a seamless user experience.

5. Failing to Make it Responsive

In the age of smartphones, not optimizing your PPC campaigns for mobile users can be a costly mistake. 

Hence, making your PPC ads and landing pages mobile-friendly is an unavoidable step. Make sure the content, layout, and design are appropriate for viewing and interacting on smaller screens. This not only includes ensuring fast load speeds, but also involves making the CTA buttons easily clickable, and form-filling processes smoother. 

A mobile-optimized experience encourages users to stay longer, engage more with your ads, and potentially convert, thus boosting the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

6. Losing Track of the Campaign’s Performance 

Marketers often tend to believe that PPC campaigns are a one-time shot i.e.  Once it is set up, it will do all the magic and generate the desired results. 

However, that can end up being a disastrous mistake and can negatively impact your strategy. PPC campaigns need regular tracking and scaling to maximize their potential. Without proper conversion tracking, you won’t know the efficacy of your efforts.

So, make sure you regularly monitor your campaign performance and make necessary adjustments, whether it’s changing your keywords or altering your bid strategy, thus paving the way for effective data-driven decisions.

7. Inappropriate Allocation of Funds

Merely injecting large amounts of money into a campaign doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales or leads. Similarly, not dedicating enough resources to your PPC campaign could result in low visibility. Hence it is critical to chalk out a clear budget and allocate appropriate funds to different elements of the PPC camping in order of their importance.


Avoiding these common PPC mistakes can significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and drastically improve your campaign’s return on investment. Get started today!

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