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How Google Analytics 360 Suite has changed the dynamics of Analytics market?

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Google Analytics 360 Suite (GA360 Suite) is a comprehensive enterprise analytics solution that allows businesses to explore, measure, and improve their marketing efforts to craft a meaningful customer experience.  The suite is also known to efficiently combine online and offline data which provides you with a more cohesive understanding of your customers. Unlike the standard version of Google Analytics, which is free, Google Analytics 360 Suite is a paid package with a tier-based pricing structure.

The Suite consists of six tools as follows –

  • Audience Center 360
  • Optimise 360
  • Data Studio 360 
  • Tag Manager 360
  • Attribution 360
  • Analytics 360

How GA360 Suite is Transforming the Way Business Approach Marketing?

Here’s how Google Analytics 360 has changed the dynamics of the analytics space on the whole.

#1 Opens Doors to Unique Customer Insights.

google analytics insight

With Google Analytics 360, you can seamlessly assess the performance of your website and applications. You can leverage the benefits of features, such as higher limits for data collection, BigQuery exports, reporting, retention, and intraday data. You can also deep dive into user interactions through sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities. 

In addition to real-time reports, it provides you with reports related to user acquisition, engagement, events, monetisation, page and screen reports, and in-app purchase data.

Furthermore, it lets you integrate systems used for measuring points of sale, CRM, and other first-party data sources for a holistic understanding.

#2 Reveals High-level Predictive Observations 

The advanced data analysis, segmentation, and integration capabilities of GA360 Suite allow businesses to boost ROI not only by better understanding user behavior but also by identifying profitable marketing channels and optimising the website content. 

It also lets you reveal unique predictive insights from your data. For example, you can understand which users are more likely to purchase or reject your product. The predictive data especially helps when the observed analytical data is not available or sufficient.

Such a comprehensive picture of the customer journey and in-depth insights into different acquisition sources empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, minimise wasted ad spend, focus on qualified leads, and ultimately increase their ROI.

#3 Unveils the Revenue Potential of Your Marketing Efforts 

Google Analytics 360 also helps you gain a better understanding of the revenue potential of your marketing efforts executed across different platforms.

For example, you can quickly analyse the efficacy of your marketing campaign from Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360. 

Plus, you can figure out the value of your marketing with the help of cross-platform attribution reporting and thus scrupulously examine every stage of the marketing funnel. Moreover, you can also compare the impact of different attribution models on the overall valuation of your marketing channels. 

All of this helps you make effective decisions related to budget allocation across different marketing strategies.

#4 Let’s You Analyse Data in Collaborative Fashion 

One of the most prominent highlights of Analytics 360 is that it is built for working in collaboration with other partner products, which allows you to flesh out the data, analyse it in line with other insights and improve your marketing outcomes accordingly. 

These partner products include Google Ads, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Google Cloud, and Google Search Console to maximise your marketing ROI

#5 Provides Custom Access to the Data

marketing data

Google Analytics 360 also equips your team with greater productivity levels by providing them with custom access to the data they might require to effectively accomplish their tasks.  Its sub-properties and roll-up properties enable businesses to customise access to data and settings, such as custom dimensions, integrations, and audiences. 

Moreover, its report customisation capabilities allow businesses to thoroughly personalise the reporting experience for individual users based on their unique responsibilities.

#6 Gives You Power Over Your Data

Google Analytics 360 also allows you to smartly analyse data and collaborate with your team with the help of an intuitive interface and easily shareable reports. Additionally, you can also leverage a slew of features to your advantage, such as higher collection limits and the flexibility of configuration APIs. 

GA360 Suite also provides enterprise-level technical support and a global infrastructure that brings about-point and secure data across multiple websites and applications, while still being under your control.

Wrapping Up 

The Google Analytics 360 Suite has undoubtedly introduced a paradigm shift in the world of analytics. It treats businesses with a suite of benefits that allows them to harness the power of data in a responsible, effective, and efficient manner. Aren’t you excited to leverage the power of analytics with Google Analytics 360 Suite already?

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